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Who knows what you'll find in here?  Documents, videos, history, memories, news clippings.  The new stuff is on the top.
This is a neat video about the 300+ year history of Needham.  Narrated by Natalie Jacobson.  Click HERE to watch.
A fitting reunion piece sent along by our friend, Tom Ryan:

Back Door Friends

Last month I received an alumni magazine from one of my private school clients that included a neat reflection from the Head of School.  He was writing about community, and he talked about his “back door friends” of his youth.

During my high school days, the back door to our house was always unlocked and it opened into our kitchen.  I can still remember my friends just walking in, greeting my mother who may have been baking cookies at the time, asking if I was home and commenting on the delicious smell of cookies, hoping to be offered one while waiting for me to come into the kitchen. 

As I look back, I can see that one way of defining our “community” was by those who knew the back door was open and felt comfortable coming in anytime.  In fact, they loved coming over because my parents made sure our home was warm, loving, fun, and stocked with food!  Other people came to our front door and rang the bell, then asked permission to enter our home.

When I read the piece, I thought of my home on Webster Street and how our back door was always unlocked, and the back porch light was always on until the last person went to bed.  We loved having “back door friends” pop in unannounced at any time during the day or evening. 

Jeff Helm and Tom Whalen were my back door friends throughout high school.  My parents enjoyed visiting with them even if I wasn’t home!  And I never hesitated to pop through their back doors unannounced knowing that I would be greeted warmly and invited to sit down and chat.  Yes there is something special about back door friends and I look forward to catching up with Tom and Jeff this weekend along with so many other special NHS 1972 classmates at our 50th Reunion!   -Tom Ryan

December 10 & 11, 1971 - Needham High School Senior Play - The Man in the Dog Suit 

September 25, 1971 - Needham vs. Dedham Football Game Program.  Pictures of all fall varsity sports teams and ads from some old Needham places of business.  
From the deep archives of Brian Riley.  Click the program cover.
The bell rings at 8:46am after 1st Period and you've got 4 minutes to make it to Homeroom.
If you were lucky and had Study Hall 1st period,you got to come to school late. 


Everything you need to know is right here in the Student Handbook including your Homeroom number. 
There will be a quiz at the reunion.

Click the Handbook and rotate the document in your pdf reader.


The Booster Club used to go door-to-door every year selling donations.  This is the sticker you got and displayed on your front door window to let everyone know you were a supporter.

We turned him around and gave him that 50th Reunion look.


February 21, 1970. Four Seasons Arena in Walople.  Needham Varsity vs. League All Stars. Class of 1972 represented by (5) Sophomores. (From Brian Riley Archives)



Needham Landmarks back in the day and way back in the day.


We were 13 and 14 in 1967 and starting to listen to the radio. 

WMEX Good Guys 15 and 10 Most Music Survey week of May 21, 1967 - May 27, 1967.

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead splashes on to the charts at Number 15!